Oct 091944

Bootle “V” Golf Club, Liverpool
Dear Mrs Johnson,
At a meeting held yesterday, I as an ex-Chairman of the Bootle Golf Club, was requested, by the Captain and members of the Committee of the above club, to offer our deepest sympathy to you in your hour of sadness, we shall all miss the happy smile your dear departed husband had, for one and all, when visiting the Golf Course.
Yours sincerely,
Robert Cuffin

RAF Errol, Perthshire
Dear Stella,
I do not know how to start to tell you how shocked I was to learn of your terrible loss. It is a cruel blow to you and the kiddies.
Nobody who knew Arthur could connect him with such a tragic circumstance. He was always so breezy and happy. A really fine chap.
I am not going to tell you that you’ll feel better about it as time passes, you will hear that all too often, but your world must indeed seem upside down.
I am glad to hear that Mother is with you.
Don’t bother to reply to this until you are more settled. I am sure you feel dreadful and have my deepest sympathy.
Your “big brother”